We issue a digital token to investors; it’s a digital asset that we equalise to the cost of wood pellets. It is secured by goods asset. In fact, this is an option that is sold at a discount. The optional raw material contract for products on the blockchain. Each investor gets an option. It is an investment, money is fixed as a loan to a Russian company from a foreign fund, and it becomes a shareholder of a Russian company. This loan is the basis for the return of investment and investment income. For this loan, all assets are encumbered – equipment, etc. Thus, each holder of the digital token is protected. If the holders of the tokens are ready to share their personal data, the fund can provide guaranteeing and confirming documents. The enterprise will annually audit, all reporting will be published on the website. The company will place CCTV cameras: any user and investor will be able to see in real time what is happening. If someone is unhappy and wants to get out of the project, it can be arranged at any time.