Date – Center for Mining

For all profitability of mining, the biggest source of costs for the mining process is the cost of electricity. In the future, mining will cease to exist in regions with high energy prices. In most European countries, the production of renewable energy sources is heavily subsidized, resulting in a price of between 6 and 8 cents per kW. Therefore, the European Union will be the first where mining will cease to make a profit. Thus, the best way to maintain competitiveness is to use inexpensive sources of electricity – environmentally friendly and not subsidized by the state. Cogeneration in the production complex is considered one of the most efficient and economical sources of renewable energy. This type of electricity is environmentally friendly, in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. The use of electricity, which is produced, makes it possible to make the price of one kilowatt of one of the lowest in Russia. In addition, generation can also be used where part of the heat with an average temperature (100-200 degrees) is diverted to the Absorption Refrigeration Unit to create a cold. Cold is used for cooling water or in air conditioning systems, which will increase the power compared to air cooling. Thus, mining using renewable energy sources on biomass is not only environmentally friendly, but also profitable.