Forest resources

The company is a tenant under 2 contracts for the lease of forest plots in the Pskov region located on the lands of the forest fund, the lease term is 49 years. The company’s resource base is 8,000,000 cubic meters of timber. The area of ​​the leased forest fund is 71 967 hectares, including: Opochetskoe forestry – 29 629 hectares. Sebezhskoye forestry – 42 338 hectares. Also has a production site with capital buildings with a total area of ​​40,000 square meters. meters, with an electric capacity of about 1 MW. This territory has well-developed transport infrastructure. It passes such transport routes as: Moscow-Baltics; St. Petersburg-Kiev; Opochka-Polotsk, as well as there is a railway line Moscow-Baltics, which includes the station “Sebezh”, where the company has railroad tracks with loading and unloading areas. The network of forest roads is maintained in good condition, allowing you to harvest logs year-round. The company carries out active environmental and fire monitoring, protection of forests on leased forest plots and adjacent territories, thereby ensuring the protection of its raw materials. The company annually, in agreement with the Government of the Pskov region, plant several million seedlings of coniferous and deciduous trees and carry out the author’s supervision of the plantings.