WPC Club

The participants of the club are buyers and holders of WPC tokens

> 500 WPC


Holders not less than 500 WPC. Monthly calculation of cashback, income in the form of
a fixed percentage of sales of the enterprise’s goods.

5% of turnover

> 5 000 WPC


Holders not less than 5 000 WPC. Monthly profit is accrued from the mining, the
distribution of profits will be uniform between the member of the club above the silver.

70% of the profits of the farm's mining

> 50 000 WPC


To holders of at least 50,000 WPC entitles them to receive “dividends” from the net
profit of the company, accrual will be made quarterly

50% of net profit

> 500 000 WPC


To holders of at least 500,000 WPC gives the opportunity to exchange WPC tokens for
shares of the company at the time of registration of the joint-stock company, in equal
shares between investors.

joint-stock company

Profit calculation is fully automated and guaranteed by the smart wpc token contract itself. Payments will be made in the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency to the holder's purse, according to its club status at the current exchange rate eth to euro, minus payment of the transaction from the investor's office.

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