​The Universal Problem

Forest – a source of raw materials for all wood manufacturing or processing enterprises. A lot of logging and woodworking enterprises leave about 25-40% of the waste wood
and wood material after the work is done, the further destiny of which is simply
destroyed by the burning method, so the processing of wood waste is so important, its
use in production will not only preserve primary wood material but will also reduce
waste wood, which will significantly reduce deforestation. Considering the problems of
the timber industry complex, specialists constantly declare the need for the
development of deep processing of wood raw materials.
Despite the fact that Russia has a quarter of the world’s forest fund, it accounts for only
3% of the world market for deep processing products. Only 15% – 20% of timber in
Russia undergoes deep processing. We live in a world where humanity is indifferent to
our planet and the environment. As the researchers explain, carbon dioxide (CO2) in
the Earth’s atmosphere in 2016 reached its maximum concentration. Its content has
increased by 50% compared with the average level over the past 10 years. The
business model of crypto mining largely depends on three factors: equipment, electricity
and cooling devices.